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Wire Straightener – ASM / ADM Type (ASM = Single Plane / ADM = Dual Plane)
• Mainly used on spring, screw and wire bending machines
• Single plane and dual plane straightener models (set of vertical and horizontal planes)
• From 5 ~ 13 rollers per plane ((5, 7, 9, 11, 13) or (5+5, 7+7, 9+9, 11+11,13+13)
• Rollers independently adjustable – top & bottom rows
• ASM/ADM models also available for larger wire diameters – roller dia. up to 110 mm
• Quick release and gripping cam for roller opening / closing
• Adjusting screw for cam positioning brake – avoids undesirable release caused by any vibration during operation
• Concealed design avoids accumulation of material filings, grime & dirt in moving parts
• Rollers are standard “V” groove profiles but can be provided with “U” grooves according to customer
• Wire guide included

Refer to the ASM / ADM Wire Straightener brochure for assembly preferences - select A, B, C or D.
Also advise wire direction – left to right or right to left.

ADM Wire Straightener


Einfache, effiziente und kostenguenstige Schneideloesungen fuer fast alle Draht-, Kabel- und Rundstabanwendungen

TRAMEV liefert tragbare Geraete fuer verschiedene Zwecke wie Kabelscheren, Ablaengen von Rundtsaeben, Biegen und Richten, Flachband-scheren, Mutter und Schrauben, Lochstanzen. Sehr interessant erscheint das Modell MU165, eine tragbare Schneide-vorrichtung fuer Draehte und Rundstaebe bis 16 mm Durchmesser (5/8).

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