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Feeder Unit combines feeding and straightening of different material profiles for wide range of applications.

Range of Applications:

  • Feeding of rod for production into Screw and Bolt Making Machines
  • Feeding of rod into Pointing/Stringing Machines
  • Feeding of rod into Drawing Machines
Straightening of rod - round or profiled

Features include 180 mm diameter feeder rollers in 2 roller or 4 roller motorized feeder units – shown is a 4 roller feeder).   Push-pedal control offers hydraulic or pneumatic opening & closing of self centering feeder rollers via hydraulic or pneumatic controller (locking/release system). 
The feeders are suitable for feeding of round and profiled rod/materials from 10 mm to 30 mm dia.

The Dual Plane Wire Straightener with roller positioning/adjuster indicators provides an economical and accurate way of recording roller positions for all future reproducibility.  This allows the production of a consistent final product every time, reduces raw ,material scrap, decreases down time and saves on set-up time.
Offers 110 mm Roller diameter suitable for multiple groove profiles depending on material dimensions.

INT 180 Feeder - Pr Straightening Machine

A sturdy steel fabricated bench mount cabinet is included.  Wire guides are fitted according to range of materials processed. Feeder and straightener has tilt open/closing steel protection covers.  The feeders do not require a fixed foundation.

Possibility to CUSTOMIZE the machine according to customer requests.


Einfache, effiziente und kostenguenstige Schneideloesungen fuer fast alle Draht-, Kabel- und Rundstabanwendungen

TRAMEV liefert tragbare Geraete fuer verschiedene Zwecke wie Kabelscheren, Ablaengen von Rundtsaeben, Biegen und Richten, Flachband-scheren, Mutter und Schrauben, Lochstanzen. Sehr interessant erscheint das Modell MU165, eine tragbare Schneide-vorrichtung fuer Draehte und Rundstaebe bis 16 mm Durchmesser (5/8).

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