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»Rotating Dies - fast and slow rotating models for single and double dies Catalog  

Available in 4 different models in order to cover the full range of die holder diameters. Ranging from diameter 38 mm to 100 mm, they can be supplied with water cooling either direct or indirect.

  • CFRMD 431  for  2 ~ 5.5 mm wire dia
  • CFRMD-551   for  5.5 -10 mm wire dia
  • CFRMD-701   for  10 - 15 mm wire dia
  • CFRMD-100   for  15 - 20 mm wire dia
• Direct cooling of die (prevents heat accumulation on wire)
• Providing a perfectly round final wire
• During each passage through the die holder and on all capstans, the wire is lubricated by continuous addition of drawing powder or solution
• Increased drawing speed
• Increased die life
• Maintaining lower drawing temperatures
• Reduced machine downtime (due to wire breaks and die change)
• Easier access for periodical maintenance
• Selection of slow or fast die rotation speeds
• Various installation options
• Single and Double Die applications
• Multi-voltage motors
• Short or Long series steel lubrication box – suitable for powder or liquid lubrication
Cometo - Rotating Dies - fast and slow rotating models for single and double dies


Einfache, effiziente und kostenguenstige Schneideloesungen fuer fast alle Draht-, Kabel- und Rundstabanwendungen

TRAMEV liefert tragbare Geraete fuer verschiedene Zwecke wie Kabelscheren, Ablaengen von Rundtsaeben, Biegen und Richten, Flachband-scheren, Mutter und Schrauben, Lochstanzen. Sehr interessant erscheint das Modell MU165, eine tragbare Schneide-vorrichtung fuer Draehte und Rundstaebe bis 16 mm Durchmesser (5/8).

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