LESMO offer advanced
stranding technology

OM LESMO presents improved techniques of processing strands with its world renowned double twist technology ever sold: OM LESMO’S DTO-2500

  • Stranding of more than the usual 37 wires unilay with the simultaneous stranding and compacting of 61 aluminum and/or coppe rwires.
  • Stranding of up to 37 member strands to a rope of flexible copper up to 500 mm² in one pass (battery and welding cables).
  • The most interesting process and probably a first ever, is the armouring of an insulated core with mild steel wires on a double twist strander.

These processes were recently performed on OM LESMO’S DTO-2500, a double twist strander with the famous single bow system using a 2500 mm (100”) diameter flange reel.

The continuous evolution of double-twist bunching machines has made it possible for today's manufacturers to strand and to Iay-up many types of products that were un-imaginable on double-twist machines just a few years ago. Products that have been traditionally produced on rigid cage machines, tubular stranders or single twist bunching machines are now easily manufactured on today's broad family of double-twist bunching rnachines.

This has become substantial and undisputable and has proved economic advantages of the new double-twist technology.


O.M.Lesmo’s innovative double twist technology has entered a new phase and presents a new form of high speed double twist stranding – the new DTO-2500 with a maximum reel diameter of 2 500mm (100”)

This new machine is able to produce round highly-compacted unilay conductors in copper (up to 280mm²) or aluminium (up to 500 mm² = 1000MCM)) compacted at top production speeds with maximum efficiency.


  • Possibility to produce from coils with a higher wire capacity and therefore less changes and handling time thereby increasing the efficiency of the line . Also, in the case of spools with relevant pay-offs, it is possible to save time in spools change.
  • Reduction of production cost
  • Reduction in return on investment terms
  • Reduction of power consumption
  • External rotating capstan: double twist typical bow stresses are not present
  • Special Single carbon fiber bow delivers less power consumption (less air resistance), less heat and stress of the bearings, less noise level and less maintenance time.
    4/5 times higher speed than conventional machines

  • Aerial strands ASCR with central wire in steel and 6 wires in Aluminum
  • Strands in Copper or Aluminum with 19 wires (1+6+12) with 2 layers of wires stranded in contrary lay and up to 61 wires unilay (1 + 6 +12 + 18 + 24)
  • Laying up of insulated cores rigid or flexible




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